How Does Spotify Work?

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Spotify puts nearly any song you could want to hear at your fingertips for free – but how do they stream so much music to so many people?

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  1. Yeah, a couple of my favorite groups have the same name as singers/groups in other countries. On Spotify… they are grouped together as one artist. So, I'll be listening to the sweet harmonies of some young ladies… then the next song is some guy screaming blood and torment in my ears. I can't just sit and listen on Spotify… because it stabs me in the back… or, well… ears.

  2. I still have a local library of music on my PC and use Winamp and on my phone I have a selection of songs and use Poweramp…
    Seems to work best, especially while going to a remote hut for new year or other times when you don't have internet and you just want to play music that all your friends know.


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