How Fortnite is transforming the gaming industry

Fortnite is the biggest game on the planet right now. But beyond being super popular, this game is incredibly important to the future of the industry. Fortnite is impacting how modern video games are developed, get popular, stay relevant, and make money.

**Correction: Black Ops footage at 4:54 should be sourced to Activision, not EA.**

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  1. If I had to choose a game company to suddenly become on top of the world, I would have picked Epic Games. They deserve every bit of success they are getting.

  2. I think Fortnite is popular because:
    * It is Battle Royale.
    * It is free to play.
    * It's not a money grab, since you pay for optional cosmetic items that do not give you any competitive advantage (although people may be scared of you if you play John Wick).
    * It has a simple but appealing progression system.
    * It is well done technically. Runs well on many platforms, including low-end PCs (waiting for Android, of course).
    * Its colourful goofy style is appealing to broad audience of different ages (including myself, and I'm 38).
    * It is connected with present day culture through dances and skins, so people are not ashamed to talk about it in public. Even celebrities play it openly. This allows the game to spread beyond the gaming community and become a cultural thing.
    * The building system is amazing and really well executed. This makes every game unique, since there are infinite number of ways players can build stuff.
    * Frequent updates. Every week there is something new in the game, so there are always things to discuss and show on youtube and twitch.

  3. People who spend money on fortnite ONLY for costumes, hammers, umbrellas, glide trails, and emotes, are the reason Aliens refuse to visit earth (along with justin bieber and kim kardashian). Please someone, I cannot for the life of me understand why people put TONS of money into a game that will not give you added gameplay. Everything is strictly cosmetic. The fact that people putting thousands of dollars into this game is actually a real thing just shows how stupid we are as a society and makes me incredibly disappointed and sad.


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