How to get started with digital art

If you’re looking to make the jump to digital art, here’s an introduction to some of the tools available, plus some tips on choosing between a Wacom tablet or an iPad Pro with Apple Pencil. Cartoonist Dami Lee shows you her favorite methods for making digital art.

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  1. When you try to draw traditionally after using digital for a while, and then you frick up because you realize you can’t exactly use things like layers. Haha, per usual.

  2. I wish i have that kind of set. Digital pen, a tablet for drawing, and a computer. I barely can afford those :'( Lucky to those who have that kind of set. I really love digital drawing. But i just use my tablet and an app called "Medibang paint" i just use my fingers but it's fine. I really wanna learn more about digital painting. To those who can't afford or really want to learn this, don't give up on your dreams!! keep on hard working until you achieve it! were on the same boat 😀

  3. if you also want a good app for your phone for drawing you should get "Ibis paint x"
    it's free and is really good!
    it has lairs and they are movable, lots of color choices and you can get you own in the color wheel, agust and save!! you do get ads but they are normally in the top of the screen!


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