How to read privacy policies like a lawyer

Privacy policies are massive, daunting legal documents that can be complicated to understand. We called a couple lawyers to get their best tips on how to understand privacy policies without spending hours breaking down each line.


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  1. Everyone there's a big threat coming from EU. It will destroy the internet this copyright law. Its worse than the loss of net neutrality. You thought Ajit Pai was bad wait until you meet Axel Voss.

  2. +The Verge
    Someone should make a company with a AI bot, that can set all your privacy policy settings on all the internet!
    We now have software like ad-blockers, that make list of websites in details for blocking harming software.
    I think we are advanced enough to make this for Privacy Policies too.

    Go ahead steal my idea and make the world a more human place. Please do.

  3. Those privacy policies are so long thay I couldn't get beyond 50% of the article & every app or, site we use each have their own policies how many policies we gonna read……..the policies should have a simplified form & there should be some ammount of uniformity in policies among services…….

  4. The bullshit with this: all though the internet is connected world wide, you have national privacy policies. We should have a universal standard for every website on earth

  5. Can someone explain to me what will happen to me if companies sell my data? Plus they have the right to do so giving the fact that I'm using their service free.
    A lot of people say it because they don't want targeted ads. But the point of ads is getting you something interesting so you get more options etc. Targeted ads are like the YouTubers you're subscribed to that are supposed(You're interested in the content of the youtuber, and his sponsor is something related to his content).

  6. Just a tip: I'd you search "not" you'll get results for words like note, but if you search for "not " with a space afterwards, you'll get the results you want

  7. I don't think he meant AI when he said the policies should be machine readable, that's a huge leap of faith. Non tech people should understand that AI is not like a programming language which is implied everytime. Mostly, it will be mentioned explicitly if the system does use AI. I think he meant that privacy policies should have a fix syntactical structure like JSON or a Markup language.

  8. Really important subject — BUT! Ashley, your new glasses are stunning and i can't stop staring at them! Now i need to re-watch the vid with a giant post-it covering half the screen!

    (only slightly joking of course 🙂

  9. Yeah AI gonna help us 😄 but we human are so fast and We phrase things in a way 😂 that makes it sound Different , complicated .
    Which sometimes AI won't be able to recognise

  10. What if there is something unacceptable? Are you going to stop using google? Or Facebook? Or YouTube?
    If the answer is no then reading privacy policy is really a waste of time 🤧


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