We might already know that Whatsapp allows users to send money to other people through UPI and that these are direct bank to bank transactions. But did you know that Whatsapp allows users to ask for payments from contacts as well?

In this post, we are going to show you how to send and request money using Whatsapp just follow these simple steps.

Send Money using Whatsapp

1. To send money using Whatsapp, first, open the app and select the contact you need to send money.
2. Tap on the attachment button at the bottom and select payment.
3. Simply enter the desired amount and tap on send.
4. On the next screen, you will be asked to enter your UPI pin.
5. Enter that and tap the blue tick icon to authenticate.
6. Whatsapp will notify you that the payment has been made once the amount reaches the recipient’s bank account.

Request Money using Whatsapp

1. To request money, open the app and go to the settings by tapping the 3 dot icon on the top right for Android or the lower navigation bar on an iPhone.
2. After that go to payments at the bottom, you’ll see a new payment option, tap on that.
3. From the two available options, tap on UPI ID.
4. Enter the UPI ID of the person you wish to request money from and tap on verify.
5. On the screen that pops up select request money, followed by the amount and tap on send.
6. This will send a notification to the recipient who will need to approve the payment by entering their UPI PIN.

Do note that in order to make payments to Whatsapp, not only you but also the recipient will need to link their UPI credentials.

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