HTC U12+ Review: A Phone With No Buttons!

HTC U12+ has no notch, flagships specs and a peculiar lack of real buttons. Worth the money?

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Phone provided by HTC for review.



  1. I actually really like this phone. I’m debating between this and the G7 and honestly I’m so torn right now bc I like everything about this phone, but I need better battery life.

  2. HTC has lost my business.
    They had my money for weeks, but Im backing out.

    Company is not reliable anymore, Order canceled— Money going towards the future pixel 3

  3. Someone else removes something from the phone and android bitches say that it is revolutionary
    Apple removes something than android peasants say “what’s next? The screen?”

  4. I'll say this again. Never expect HTC software updates would improve your battery life. My HTC U11 isn't even a year old yet, oh boy…ask me if I have to charge multiple times just to get it going my day. Battery life has been a thing with HTC phones..I guess since M9 or earlier.

  5. Marqués Ive always been a fan your videos and reviews but I don't know what happened if you just decided to jump in the same boat with everyone else reviewing this phone and clearly not review the specs … I mean on the HTC website the phone clearly says the back and FRONT camera have a wide angle lens and such… Just small details, you know that show that you actually looked into the specs.


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