iOS 12 Beta Hands On and Impressions!

Here is a full hands on with the new iOS 12 beta running on my iPhone X! A look at all the new features including the FINALLY updated notifications, MeMoji, and More! Subscribe for more:

iOS 12 beta download (use Safari browser on phone):
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More videos on the iOS 12 update coming very soon, so be sure to subscribe!

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  1. Add dark mode and I'm sold, I might actually switch from Android now that the notifications are not a pain to use, that is something that I hated about iOS the notification panel was a mess.

  2. ah Apple and their "fancy" words for simple things can't wait for the new features to be called "innovation" once again since apple does a minor thing but good on them
    Good on ya Tim tho i'll deff make me a smurf in 2049 when i buy a iPhone XXV

    just don't wait for it… repair the damn devices you will get a nice notice to stop + a suit but


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