Is Rooting Your Android Still Worth It?

Nowadays, with almost every smartphone already providing plenty of features, customizations, great battery life, and amazing performance, rooting has become less popular. So today I’ll be answering the famous question, “Is rooting your smartphone still worth it?” Enjoy!
▶ Magisk:

Download Magisk Manager Latest Version 5.8.3 For Android 2018

▶ Xposed Framework:

Xposed Framework for Android Oreo 8.0/8.1 Now Available in Beta

▶ Naptime:

▶ Greenify:

▶ Franco Kernel:

▶ Substratum Theme Engine:

▶ How to root your Android smartphone:

How to Root Any Device

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  1. Not worth it in my opinion. With the amount of customization and free stuff offered these days on the Play Store, I'm pretty sure 95% of people can live without rooting. Not worth the hassle.

  2. More on the security reasons plz. Why doesn't the app allow to play the game or access the banking app or something as a kid I did root and was fun but after a while I stoped doing that as almost all features u can have it and mostly cuz of security reasons.
    Is it true rooting ur phone let's the third or second person know what is in my phone. And any chances of leaks of data of Gmail, FB IDs.

  3. I would absolutely root my Moto Z again and would install a custom ROM just like I have done with my Nexus 6P and Nexus 4 before but unfortunately there are no Stock system images for my device available… On my Nexuses I was always able to go back to Stock if anything goes wrong or if I don't like a specific ROM anymore but Motorola didn't post any Factory images for the Moto Z unfortunately. Is anyone in the same situation?

  4. Funny that I mostly stopped rooting when I got my first Samsung device because of Knox. You can disable almost any apps and put Adblock system-wide via firewall rules instead of a crappy VPN. Oh and you can theme Samsung phones, they were the first to support unrooted Substratum and since Google blocked non-system themes in Pie, they are also the last hope.

  5. Nope. Not worth considering how many apps detect root and don't even run. (Fortnite, Google Pay)
    And don't start about the loss of warranty. (I know, the EU has some rules against void warranty, but try to explain that to a store clerk)

  6. If your looking to add life to an old device , battery life , getting rid of bloatware oems fill a phone with, want to mimic a device like sony or samsung from an asus to get oem apps, etc theres a millon reasons to root most support a systemless root which hides the root action so you can still run apps that are not root supported. AndTheres a million other reasons to still root. I always do it after my device is out of warranty.

  7. People dont root for custom roms, people unlock bootloaders for custom rom. You can have a custom rom and still chose not to have root. Didn't expect such a mistake from AP.

  8. The SafetyNet thing you mentioned isn't a problem though, you can use Magisk Hide, which bypasses the SafetyNet check (no need to select apps one by one)

  9. Yes, it does. Magisk, greenify, youtube in background, adblock (adaway). Those things always makes me to root my phone. Custom kernel, custom personalise your phone how you want. Thats why I'll never get an iPhone.

  10. Xiomi is best when it comes to this, they fully support rooting ur phone, my phone was in warranty but I was running a custom rom and I was having issues with headphone jack so I took it to customer service center and they fixed it free of charge without asking a single question


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