Lenovo Legion Hands-On at E3 2018

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  1. Does any of the 15" or 17" model of the Legion Y730 has a numberpad for number crunching?
    I don't know if I'm the only one around here who saw the lack of a numberpad in the model with colourful RGB keys as per your video. Please lemme know if that was only for the 15" Y730 variant or both.
    'cause I don't want to go for the Y530 or the Y7000 with the numberpad because they don't offer colourful RGB lighting and thunderbolt 3 port. Please don't say Y730 doesn't offer any numberpad in any of it's models. It'll be heart breaking tbh 💔

  2. Never buying a lenovo again these chinese mofos had a whitelist on parts in the bios. Had to mod it to change the crappy wifi adapter on my y50 70. Although most of the blame is on me for not researching well enough before buying!


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