The all-new LG Super UHD TV for 2018 replaces the Nano cell TV from last year. Now we still have the Nano cell display technology on this TV, but it has seen a number of significant upgrades including full array LED backlighting for more precise local dimming. This is a big improvement over the edge lighting common to most LCD class TVs.

This TV is also the latest product to join LG’s ThinQ AI platform which allows LG’s suite of devices to work together. Also exciting is the addition of the Google Voice assistant built right into webOS. Now I’ve been a fan of LG TVs for a number of years so I’m gonna thank them for hooking me up with our newest model so I could take a close look at it.

The version we are looking at here is the top-of-the-line 65 inch SK95 which is also available as a 55 inch. Now there’s a number of models in this range with most of them sharing the same features and display, but this is the most stylish of them all and we’ll take a closer look at some of those premium details now.

One of those premium details that stand out is the solid metal crescent-shaped stand which has a really nice light gold or champagne finish. The stand comes in multiple pieces which you can put together pretty easily and these screws are included in the box. Before taking the packaging off of the TV, I want to install the stand first by laying the TV down on the box so I have enough clearance.

There is a cover panel on the back that pops off really easily, so you can slot the stand into place and screw it down. Once everything is installed you can pop the panel back on which keeps it very nice and seamless. Speaking of seamless, the Stand also has built-in cable management so I was able to route all of my cables including my HDMI cables through that channel. This means I no longer have those unsightly dangling cables spoiling in my view.

At the back, we can check out the ports which are separated by rear-facing and side facing. So the rear-facing ports include one of the three USB ports, Ethernet, optical audio out and the composite AV port for the included patch cable. On the side, we get no less than four HDMI ports and two more USB ports.

Also new with this generation is a set of really impressive down facing speakers with Dolby Atmos which really surprised me. Most onboard speakers tend to sound pretty thin or flat but these speakers deliver really rich and detailed sound that manages to fill a room without adding satellite speakers. So if you want to avoid adding the soundbar this TV is definitely the one to look at.

Also included is LG’s magic remote controller. This is a pretty familiar design for LG, we’ve seen this for a number of years. This has an accelerometer built into it so you can actually Mouse around on the screen by waving the remote in the air. It works extremely well. I’m actually a big fan of this remote.

We also have a scroll wheel on the d-pad so you can mouse around on the interface and we have all pretty familiar Universal controls such as a voice button for interacting with the TV as well as some dedicated hot buttons for Amazon and Netflix right on the remote. So with a stand-in place, we can get the TV upright and pull off the rest of the packaging. We have a few more pieces of plastic to pull off along the edges and the sides.

The sides of the TV have this really nice gold metallic detail which matches the gold finish on the stand it’s definitely not as thin as an OLED TV but the design here is still really attractive. The plastic back side of the TV has a smooth texture to finish that looks and feels a lot like brushed metal. Besides the ports, the only other thing we will find back here is a vent along the top to keep the chassis cool.

The panel of the TV uses two technologies to improve image quality and brings it closer to the performance of OLED. One of them is the nano-cell display which
improves the color vibrancy, contrast, and off-angle performance. So there is very little distortion when viewing this TV from multiple angles. In fact, LG has a
really great demo showing you how this technology works in real life.

But the big news really with this generation is full array LED backlighting which not only makes the display noticeably brighter but also allows the TV to precisely control the lighting to preserve contrast and minimize light bleeding. This substantially improves the black levels while punching up the highlights. This makes this TV fantastic for HDR content. Since it is able to produce extremely vibrant colors and vivid contrast.

Speaking of HDR, this TV supports all the major formats like Dolby vision, Advanced HDR by Technicolor, HDR 10 and HLG. Local dimming is something you can adjust understandings. In fact, you can turn it completely off and this is where you can really demonstrate how this works. So when local dimming is turned on, you’ll see those black levels drop down and those highlights pop out and it definitely makes a big difference.

All of this technology is especially important for an HDR display. So for HDR formats, you need a bright display with a lot of contrast and vibrant colors to
really get effective results and me simply the case in this panel it’s extremely vibrant and very bright and crisp without blowing out the black levels.

One of the other great new features with this TV is Google Voice assistant so this should be exclusive to Android TV OS. So now we get it in webOS which is still my favorite interface for Smart TVs. So once you’ve activated the Google assistant on your TV and once you hit the button on the remote controller, you get full access to the Google Voice assistant and all of its features.

So, in the end, this TV really made me like LCD again that solves many of the problems of traditional LCD, by giving those true black levels along with great offset viewing and bright vivid colors with nano cell but we also get a fantastic set of Dolby Atmos speakers and one of the best os’s for any Smart TVs.So overall this is a great package.

Alright guys, hope you enjoyed unboxing and overview of this LG Super UHD TV. If you guys enjoyed this post, please let me know with a comment and I’ll see you again in my next post.


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