LG G7 ThinQ review

Packed with dual rear cameras, a notch and a Google Assistant button, the G7 is a fine phone — but is it good enough to overtake its competitors?
Read the review on CNET: https://cnet.co/2sV6g0H

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  1. Yes…yes it does beat out the S line…got one, works great, wide angle lens is the way versus telephoto, no animoji crap, Samsung over bloats their phones and Touchwiz (now called an Experience) still sucks. My battery does fine and lasts all day, which is all I care about. Wait a couple of months if money is the object, and wait to buy. Also, that Snapdragon update over my old G6…and much more.

  2. The G7 is a great phone. I played with it at yhe TMobile store for like an hour throughly checking all the features and settings. Testing, recording, playing, pairing, etc.
    The G7 may have an over saturated camera, but that's why there are software updates and there are always manual mode if you are a pro.
    The only line of flagships to offer ultra wide angle. Wide angle wasn't as crisp on G6 and got better on the V30, but they pretty much got it right with the G7. Now when I travel I can take breath taking 360 warping, pano style stills and fit a group of 20+ people in my photo. Front and rear bokeh blur/portrait mode after blur adjustments to unblur or blur more.
    The G7 sounds a lot louder and better than the iPhone X and Galaxy S9. The bass is amplified and you can feel it even if your watching the news on Youtube. The whole phone vibrates in your hands like a subwoofer with out dynamat (anti rattling car lining) in a car When paired to a stereo bluetooth speaker, you can change directions of the surround sound to mimic it coming from all around, in front, or on the side. It's actually loud enough where you don't really need to use a BT speaker often or if you are lightweight blasting music while driving, you can still hear the navigation.
    Voice unlock exclusively to your voice
    Far field voice for Google Assistant compared to phones
    LCD display that looks dead on like OLED.
    Cooling glass feel to dissipate heat.
    A few of these features makes the LG G7 stands out considering other phones can't do what it do.
    How can Lynn La and CNet claim this device doesn't stand out. And for a current flagship it basically cost as much as an S9 without the Amoled burn in.
    I sold my S8 for this, it's worth it. You have to see for yourself
    I can't say much about battery but that depends on the software which is updatable considering its battery Mah is of your typical flagship.

  3. Disagree. As a Samsung user I've been so impressed with the LG G7 that I swapped my Galaxy S9 for it. The Quad Dac is second to none when it comes to sound quality. The device size seems a perfect balance between the S9 and the S9+ without the annoying edge screens. Sadly I think the biggest problem LG has in the United States are people's mindset being conditioned towards Samsung and Apple respectively. There are so many unique and useful devices out there including the LG G7, HTC U12+, Huawei P20 and One plus 6 but don't even get properly recognized.


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