Microsoft Surface Go review: surprisingly good

The Microsoft Surface Go is a 10-inch Hybrid Windows 10 computer. It’s basically a really small Surface Pro. To get it to size, Microsoft had to do a bunch of engineering but also make some compromises from what you might be used to on a bigger machine. We covered a lot of the basics in our last video, so for this review we’re answering a bunch of questions from some of you.


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  1. Dieter at it again. ◽🔥◽ For me, this ils an expensive light computing device, similar to an Ipad pro but with less app optimisation and support. When you factor in the keyboard and pen support, and the heavily discounted Surface laptop, I'ld rather get the HP chromebook x2 or Ipad Pro.

  2. Needs 16G; needs 4-core processor. Two cores and 4G or 8G doesn't cut it anymore. I'm typing this on my 2010 4-core 8G $399 laptop. It's crazy that 8 years later we're being asked to make do with less.

  3. Exactly! Where are the Windows store apps?
    I hope this doesn't become just an one generation device, they should launch more devices in this lineup and boost they app store development!

  4. I’m a teacher and I need something that would be good for google classroom, online grading, and videos. I want something that can use a pen for drawing for myself. Security and simplicity are important. Would I be better off with something like this in S mode (for security benefits) or a chromebook with a touch screen? I like both OS’s just fine.

  5. I have a GPD pocket, thinkpad X220, thinkpad W541 and a gaming desktop with Xeon processor. All my computers use SSD. But I am going to get a Surface go and get rid of my other laptops. This thing is going to be amazing as a 2nd PC. My other laptops don't get much use to be honest. Portability matter to me, I'm willing to pay extra to have that.

  6. What kind of non-answer was that about Thunderbolt? It has thunderbolt or it doesn't have thunderbolt. In the case of the Surface Go, it doesn't have thunderbolt. Then you can explain what that means in a practical way, but what he said in the video wasn't an answer.

  7. disappointed with the battery size and processor they chose.
    it would have been better if they bump up the price a bit and use core m3.
    And the base model 64GB emmc… seriously, that should not be on a machine like this…
    *64GB emmc chips can be purchased retail $30…. (How much do you think they are worth?)
    And they are a couple times slower than SSD.

  8. Excelent review. The last line of the review is something I will forever keep with me and use. Windows does everything and does not stop you from doing everything, but it's you, who needs to know the limits of your machine.

  9. I currently use and love my 9.5” iPad Pro with Notability for taking notes in college. I think the smaller form factor is nice since you can fit a book alongside the tablet on a small desk. I think, if priced correctly, the Surface Go could be a strong competitor to students who prefer OneNote and Windows.


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