Parrot Anafi drone review: DJI still owns the sky

Parrot’s new drone Anafi is direct response to DJI’s Mavic Air — a compact drone capable of HDR 4K aerial footage. It also introduces three features you can’t find anywhere else, but is it enough to rival DJI?

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  1. Massive controller? Really? A little hyperbolic.

    Folds to a larger size? Longer than the Air but narrower. The Anafi is also lighter than the Air which is not mentioned.

  2. Forgot to mention.
    Once you get used to the fact that you will not get props in the shots with the Anafi, you will expand your creative talents with the ability to look up. Not all about looking down any more:)

  3. I agree with your conclusion but some of the things you mentioned aren't correct. There is a battery indicator on the charger 1:07 and also you see it in the app. C'mon man, my reviews of Anafi aren't good but I am not working for the Verge. Or you placed these wrong facts intentionally to get some comments…

  4. You guys do a great job shooting these, but the host is always delivering lines in a static shot. Might be interesting to see some moving shots for the talking scenes, or even have the host on the move in situations where it makes sense.

  5. Perso, cette vidéo m'a convaincu de ne pas l'acheter.
    Je me rends compte que les vidéos n'ont pas l'air superbes (en mode non p-log). On remarque que l’arrière plan est hors focus quand il est très distant de plus le 4k ne m'est d'aucune utilité.
    Le Mavic Air me semble plus approprié pour prendre des vidéos rapidement sans avoir a les retoucher par la suite.
    Pour 700€ l'Anafi n'est pas intéressant je pense qu'il ne vaut pas ce prix mais étant donnée que Parrot se retrouvent rarement a diminuer le prix de leur produits je pense opter pour le Mavic Air.

    L'Anafi devrait couter 600€.

  6. You forgot to mention that the Anafi does not have its wings clipped by mandatory No Fly Zones, the reliable customer service Parrot has developed, the Low Noise of the Drone compared to the Mavic Air (even lower than the Mavic Pro Platinum), these and the 180° gimbal are the main selling points for me. Any camera quality issues can be fixed in post edit unless you are a filmmaker going to the big screen.

  7. Appears one of your cameras has a spot of dust on the sensor. Top right, noticable in bright shots. Just looking out for my friends at verge! Keep up the good work

  8. Seems similar to Android and Apple comparisons. I believe this Parrot will be what I've wanted. I don't want a Mavik. So many times I go to fly my Phantom, and it needs an update. Windows does the same thing. "Can't use me now- you have to update!". I enjoy uploading my videos without having to transfer an SD card to a computer. I'm going with the Anafi.

  9. I don't know if it's just me, but I found it quite difficult to understand what you were saying a lot of the time. It would be great if you could speak a little more clearly and slowly next time.

  10. Wouldn't ever get this had the bebop and it sucked and got it replaced and still sucked would ALWAYS disconnect and even upgraded to really good antennas and still sucked and wouldn't give me a refund! Never trust them

  11. there are a lot of tests and videos availables on the web concerning the ANAFI and nearly all of them are considering the ANAFI as a really nice product and nice competition against MAVIC….

  12. While I respect the role DJI has played in drone development (as well as the fact it builds overall decent products) it is (IMHO) hard to overlook 3 undeniable facts.
    1. Sooner or later, the vast majority of drone pilots will have to contact the manufacturer of their drone for some type of service and/or support. Drones are complex…it's inevitable.
    2. That experience with DJI is very likely to be unpleasant from what I have read and heard from countless sources.
    3. COMPETITION IS KING and good for the industry and UNBIASED reviews are even better.
    Peace to all!!

  13. It Flys anywhere anytime…that sold it for me ….and all the rest, you need to spend some time in the DJI forum to know whats really going on the Anifi is a great drone just what the users wanted, PS i feel your review was from a mavic air Point of veiw.

  14. For me I like many drone makers would surface in. it makes DJI aware not only them owns the skies but innovates more drones with alot of improvements to their customers and blame less pilot errors and the prices becoming reasonable perhaps?

  15. After unboxing and taking the Parrot Anafi spin… are my thoughts. It is very easy to get it up in the air and start filming. It's REALLY quiet. With a little tweaking of the controls, it handled well. All footage was shot in 4K @ 30…rendered it in Adobe Media Encoder and got some really great footage….tweaked it a bit in Speedgrade and it is now waiting for me to do something with it…
    The Anafi is a tool…. just like a tripod….and as all craftsmen know, Using the proper tool is key to a satisfing outcome


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