RealMe 1 Gaming Review – Can it Play Heavy Games?

RealMe 1 Gaming Review with some popular heavy games with temp check to see how it does gaming I test it with Asphalt Xtreme, Asphalt 8 Airbrone and yes I also included PUBg so that you can judge it’s gaming performance.

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Realme 1 full review with it’s Pros & Cons

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  1. Is it just me or was Asphalt Extreme unplayable at max settings? Frame rates were clearly below 20 fps. Asphalt 8 consistently dropped frames. I am also curious to know about the battery drain while playing PUBG. I'm sure PUBG will drop frames when there is intense action like a molotov cocktail burning or in heavily populated areas like Pochinki. The Helios P60 clearly is not meant for gaming. As @Geekyranjit said, it's good for casual games. If you are serious about gaming, you need a top of the line chip. IMO, you need a OnePlus for gaming (The least expensive phone with high end specs).

  2. I now own this phone, I have found a strange problem with the gyrosensor, it's kind of laggy, like takes a second to actually respond to movements, can you check with that in your next video on this phone? A simple view in cardboard setting in YouTube is fine to test this. BTW, the accelerometer sensor and other sensors seems to work fine, suppose this is yet another software issue oppo must work on. A note, think simple, if you find the speaker grill positioning annoying for gaming, simply rotate the phone 180°and enjoy playing without interruption. Food for thought 🤷


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