Samsung Galaxy A6 First Look Review

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the Samsung Galaxy A6’s best features at a glance.

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  1. This is shit.. Nokia is doing better at providing great value for price are getting 3 years of software updates on every phone and pure Android .. Samsung's ui is shit and everyone knows about Samsung's software updates 😑

  2. Don’t buy this phone. Why you ask? No USB-C, no fastcharging, no waterproofing, doesnt have an always on display, just a 720P res screen and its an old chipset.

    Buy a Motorola G6 (Plus) instead, or if you’re on a budget and want a Samsung phone; buy the A5 2017. This model is waterproof, has USB-C, a better chipset and a higher screen resolution. Its also cheaper than the A6.

    The A6 is actually a phone in the J series line. But they renamed it last minute. It was supposed to be called the J6, but they named it the A6 because the A series sells and sounds better.


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