Samsung Galaxy X – A WASTE OF TIME?

IS the Foldable / Flexible Samsung Galaxy X Smartphone a Waste of time?
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  1. You raise a lot of good points and I'm glad the way you have almost played devils advocat. Too many people are closed minded and just ignore genuine possibilities and alternatives. Purely because it doesn't aline with their own personal views or original thoughts.

  2. Does anyone know of an Android app that requires my fingerprint to turn off the phone? At my school people steal the phone and then turn it off preventing me from using Find my Device

  3. foldable phones is a waste of money I recommend you don't buy them it breaks very easily when it falls down and you have a pay a ton to fix it if it breaks what are these companies trying to achieve with them normal smartphones are alright arent they we have enough innovation already btw I'm waiting for S10+ cause its a reasonable upgrade and can fix all issues from all galaxy phones yep that's right im more excited for the S10+ than the galaxy X i hope they discontinue the galaxy X after S11 or so.

  4. remember samsung note edge from 2014? first one that started the trend of extending the borders of the screen we look at on daily basis and with time evolved into what we know today as infinity display. this is a test model, exploring the market and the pulse of the users. with time i expect it to evolve into full flexible bezeless smartphone

  5. This phone is not for everyone. This phone is for people who want to try something different and have the money for it. This is just a small step for Samsung many years ago people made fun of Samsung for having bigger screen than others now look at phones now, (other examples, – the edge screen, Oled displays, ect).


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