Sony’s E3 2018 press conference highlights

Watch all of the Sony E3 announcements, including The Last of Us 2, Spider-Man and the newest game from Kojima Productions, Death Stranding.

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  1. Now we can actually say this game is gay i hope i don't get a fine like kobe did in the NBA smh they are promoting homosexuality in a game weird but never thought i see the day but the graphics look good

  2. It’s fine if the character is gay, I support people’s choices and respect the way they live their lives … but PLEASE Naught Dog… don’t pull a Hollywood or Crazy society agenda thing; making her sexual orientation or sexuality 50% or a major focus of the game, you didn’t really really highlight or focus on any other character’s sexuality in part one (not Joel, Tess or the firefly leader.) Please don’t make it a big subplot, I trust y’all absolutely to make a killer game (you’ve yet to make a single bad or even mediocre game in your 20+ years of game-making, I hope this is no exception.)

  3. You can tell that in the first Last of Us: Part II trailer that Ellie's character model was different and more in line with how Ellie would have naturally looked as she got older. In this trailer, Ellie's character model seems more to resemble the voice actress who plays her: Ashley Johnson


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