Super Duper Advanced Mac Tricks!

These Mac tips will make you a macOS expert.

Tip 1 file-path: /System/Library/CoreServices/
Tip 2 file-path: ~/Library/Safari
Tip 3 Terminal command: defaults write -g NSWindowDarkChocolate -bool TRUE

You’re waiting for macOS Mojave, but have you heard of the hidden dark mode in High Sierra? What about Type to Siri? What about recovering deleted Safari History? What about summoning AirDrop more quickly? Master OSX and your MacBook or iMac—with Terminal, System Preferences, and more—using this awesome tutorial.



  1. I totally screwed up my resume because Save As disappeared, and I was so mad that I had to go rooting through my old Time Machine backups to get it back. Awesome!

  2. I always learn at least one thing when I watch these. Or sometimes, I know how to do something (like type to Siri) but have never thought about the advantages of doing so.

  3. The 'Duplicate' thing… the problem isn't that the file is duplicated "as it is"… This behaviour is fine and as you'd expect. The exact problem is that the original file with UNSAVED EDITS is then SAVED UPON EXITING the TextEdit program, which is insane! Edited files should never auto save like this without a prompt. I appreciate this is basically what you said, only I think you're expecting the 'Duplicate' function to make a copy of the SAVED version of the original file, rather than the SAVED VERSION + EDITS, which is a fair assumption. Whichever way you look at it, it's absolutely atrocious design from Apple and could get people into a lot of trouble when just doing basic word processing. I'm sticking to Google Docs.

  4. Just a quick easier way to add Airdrop. Open up Spotlight (magnifying glass or command-space) and start typing Airdrop… the app will show up and you can just drag it to the dock from there. No commands needed.


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