Tesla is in trouble: annual shareholder meeting

Tesla CEO Elon Musk faced major scrutiny during the company’s annual shareholder meeting on June 5th. Subscribe: http://goo.gl/G5RXGs

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  1. He is one of few people who actually is trying to make the world a better place. He doesn't waste years of concept thinking to do something. You from the verge should walk this road WITH him, not against him. Going against him just will destroy you, sooner or later. Because we want the change he offers. And you, The Verge, is offering what?

  2. One of the issues with the 'Autopilot' mode is that some people think that the car will essentially drive itself without the need for driver input at all as one assumes that the AI of the car will make decisions correctly. For sure the autopilot needs to be refined so that it can cut the risk of these crashes but at the same time the system works on the assumption that should something threaten the safety of the driver, the driver will override the autopilot and take manual control. You cannot lay the blame at Tesla and Musk's door without looking at other factors also

  3. Considering how biased and stupid the content is I was expecting a "Paid for by Koch Industries" disclaimer on it or at minimum a "Clean Coal is our future" advertisement..

  4. The bias in the video is strong Tesla tells people auto pilot keep both hands on the wheel in case of an emergency well if you don’t obey that and crash who’s fault yours and of corse a small company is gonna run into production issues i could of told you that at the beginning of the model 3 production

  5. jeez could it be because these cars are for a neiche market that only exists in the west coast? you cant sell a car that only works in 1/4 of north america. PLUS the car coasts WAYYYYYy too dam much

  6. I unsubscribed after watching this video, the information presented here is highly misleading and does not take into actual facts. For example, the autopilot crash that killed the driver was due to the driver not using the feature per manufactures instructions and the road barrier not being road worthy – this is a fact anyone can look up.

  7. Investors need to stop pretending that they understand engineering and high tech! Remeber your history people!! Steve Jobs was fired from Apple once. Plus keep in mind about all the consequences for auto industry if the Model 3 is successful! The 1st high volume affordable electric car!!

  8. Even if Tesla ultimately fails, "the dream of a mass-market electric car" is very much alive and thriving. There are many competitors jolted into mass production of electric vehicles at price points similar to, or lower than the cheapest Model 3: VW, Nissan, Chevrolet, all of which this report fails to mention. This video is fraught with bias. I expect more of The Verge.

  9. There was a shareholder meeting during which a vote, proposed by a guy with 12 shares and a history of doing this kind of stuff, was carried out and failed spectacularly. Following this was a candid Q&A where Tesla revealed such promising things as:
    * Continued growth in Model 3 production, on target for the 5k/week goal (which is 6 months behind where they wanted to be, but people have come to grips with this over Q4 and Q1, this isn't news)
    * Reassertion that Q3 and Q4 should be cashflow positive with no need to raise money
    * A more efficient factory based in China for satisfying the considerable local demand

    And your takeaway was basically:
    * Musk almost lost his chairmanship
    * Tesla failed to meet production goals last quarter
    * Tesla burned lots of money last quarter
    * Some people crashed while not paying attention to Autopilot

    It is exceptionally misleading to take a shareholder meeting which was peppered with good news and fail to report on that, instead calling out the few blemishes of the meeting and then falling back to the negative narrative of Tesla's past challenges for context. Your title of the video is "Tesla is in trouble". Tesla stock jumped 5% over the last 24 hours. Does it sound like Tesla is in trouble and investors are concerned?

    The one insightful thing here, which almost seems accidental, is when you pointed out that if the Model 3 fails to live up to its potential, Tesla's stock price will take a beating, and if that isn't an issue, "skepticism will shift to one of Tesla's other future products". There are many people who cannot be objective about Tesla and will find something to support a doom & gloom outlook on the company, no matter what they accomplish. As a news outlet, you shouldn't be part of that. Report fairly on the good and the bad. Thanks.

  10. I still dont see the point of this video?? You know the future of transportation is electric. And Elon Musk is doing his best against all odds. And that cheesy paper recycle bit… like what is the point of this video?? Suggesting the people that recycling and electric cars are useless??

  11. Wow the FUD is strong here. "Almost lost his chairmanship"? He kept it by supermajority. There was no "almost". There was a one disgrunted investor that bought shares to start a motion and a couple investment firms that thought it might be a good idea to poll the shareholders and backed it. The only thing that vote did was solidify the general confidence in Musk among shareholders.

    The Cash Burn you cited is due to CapEx from setting up productions lines. Thats a big one time expense. The company's cash balance saw the same thing happen when setting up the Model S production line and the Model X modifcations to the production line. You deliberatly spun it as a continuous expense when you failed to qualify why the quarterly expenses are high. You directly manipulated the presentation of information by leaving out vital context. To use a math term, the cash burn is asymptotic, not linear, as it falls. Further, as the production goes up, the line begins to cover its own operating expenses. Watch as Q3 statement shows the cash burn crawls almost to a halt and Q4 the whole company goes profitable.

    Also you fail to report context when mentioning the autopilot controversey, such as any official finding for what actually caused the crashes. This video is the kind of trash "journalism" i expect out of Fox News. You need to do better for me to consider you a credible outlet.

    Thats not to say everything about Tesla is all roses. People need to be realisitic and accept even the negative news about the controversial company but that requires actual journalistic integrity and work. If you want to be taken seriously as a media outlet, I expect CONTEXT for positive AND negetive news. Without referenced context you lower your institution to the level of tabloid rag.

    *The Verge needs to publish a retraction of this video and the host as well as the creative team should be censured for lack of journalistic integrity. Demand responsibile and ethical journalism.*

  12. This video really felt skewed. I got the impression that you were trying to make the facts fit your narrative rather than simply reporting on the meeting. Let me give a few examples.

    First of all, the music. Come on, really? Ominous music to set a mood is YouTube conspiracy video levels of manipulation. You can do better than this.

    Next, the vote for splitting the roles of chairman and CEO was nowhere near close. Calling it as such was likely done to instill a sense of fear that Tesla's shareholders are turning against it finally. Whether or not they should do that, that certainly hasn't happened yet. Ironically, this is most evident by the very vote that you tried to twist the perspective on.

    Additionally, You said that "Tesla was barely managing to make 2,000 cars a week" at the end of April. This is clearly biased language, possibly the strongest example of your bias in this whole video. What actually happened was at the end of April Tesla "produced more than 2,000 Model 3 vehicles for three straight weeks , and [they] hit 2,270 in the last of those weeks " (Tesla First Quarter 2018 Update). This is not barely hitting 2,000 in any sense of the word. Certainly, Tesla missed the original goal of 2500 a week, but keep to what is true and don't take it further.

    Please update this video.

  13. Super surprised that the comments are even enabled. Guess what, Verge, as part of the corporate-owned media, we don't trust the bullshit you put out about Elon. Pravda's comin for ya.

  14. This is pure, unfettered FUD bullshit. Good job cherry-picking and sensationalizing small snippets of information to portray a slanted and distorted analysis of Tesla. This is not journalism and The Verge should be ashamed of this video.


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