The best electric skateboards of 2018

Electric skateboards and longboards have become a relatively common sight in big cities, and a lot of companies now make them. Unfortunately most of them are more toy than tool. We tested out a few of the most popular boards under $2,000, and it’s pretty clear which two win out. Subscribe:

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  1. Sloppy, inadequate research. I love Boosted but this video is essentially a commercial for Boosted. There are many great affordable options today. I’ll have a video about this soon.

  2. EVOLVE SKATEBOARDING. Boosted has made a name for itself by a lot of YouTubers using them like Casey Neistat but Evolve in my opinion is so much better. Not only have they updated their remote, they have a longer battery life and more torque and speed.

  3. The Backfire g2 which costs 500$ is way cheaper than the boosted and offers a great ride too, since it is one of the only cheaper boards with a flexible deck. You get far mor value for the money with that board.

  4. Some people should keep talking about what they know or do better research because this article is completely ignoring very big boosted competitors from Australia called Evolve Skateboards or more recent companies from China coming up with a lot of cheap alternatives. I understand that Boosted has the most name recognition and good products so you have to mention them but it's not like they need the plug but you lazy sheeps follow and inform us about somethings that anyone who has made the tiniest inquiries in the subject already know about. I stamp it most useless article I have seen about electric skateboard.


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