The fastest way to charge your phone without damaging the battery

Batteries and fast charging are at the core of our favorite smartphones. As we’ve seen in the past, improving a phone’s battery can be a dangerous task, so fast charging requires a delicate balance. But, how does fast charging actually work and how might it improve in the future? We take a look at the quickest way to charge your current phone…and your next phone.


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  1. Please don't explain volts, ampere and watts if you are just going to say bullshit about them. Science is science, respect the definitions.
    Other people that read this. Take his definition as bullshit. Don't share it with others.

  2. usb power delivery. that's a new universal standard, apple use it on their phones, tablet, and laptop, qualcomm support it on their new Q.C 4+, and even google encourage their partner to use usb type-c power delivery so they didn't violate the micro usb standard. regulations. and you didn't explain that [usb power delivery] in this video? what a miss opportunity. or maybe you should make a dedicated video on that.


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