THE GREATEST COMPACT CAMERA but is it worth $1200?

it is truly an amazing device. but that price is madness and the lack of an audio input is entirely bewildering

Narch –



  1. OMG CASEY THANK YOU FOR THE 4K!! It is giving me the option for 4K weird you dont see option. Let me just go ahead and press the like button right now before watching. Please even its only for tech review Tuesdays, please please please bring back the 4K!

  2. Worth $1200? Not without a mic input. Go ahead and spend another $400 for the Sony RX 10 IV (4). Won't fit into your pocket, but has a mic input. The movies and photos are well worth the extra. (IMHO). This is my third one in the series…. II, III, and IV. Each better than the other- and the zoom? Oh yeah…

  3. where would you mount a mic on this thing though? the screen goes upward and a rode mic would be seen on Frame I feel like.

    Also, I people gotta understand that filming in 4k requires a shit ton of extra batteries because it will melt the camera, hard core!

  4. the no mic input makes this completely not worth it. there are plenty of other 4k pocket cams that do the same thing. Go to panasonic for a pocket cam without external audio input


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