This is the best portable projector.

We tested six portable projectors under $600 (the Anker Nebula Capsule, LG PH550, AAXA P6, Sony MP-CD1, and Miroir HD Mini Projector M175) to find the best for the price. We particularly liked the Nebula Capsule and the PH550.


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  1. At those prices, you can buy a used HD projector that would destroy any of those pico projectors. Obviously you don't get the same portability, but at least you're getting decent picture quality for the money.

  2. “It supposedly reaches up to 100 lumens of brightness, but it definitely didn’t seem that bright…”

    That’s because 100 lumens is not much at all. A typical lightbulb is about 600. 100 is pathetic.

  3. Too expensive, I will consider buying one of those when they become common and widespread like smartphones and their prices drop to 150$. Until then I would buy a 42" 4K TV for the current price

  4. As others have said in comments, for those prices, you may as well buy a proper projector and watch things in all their glory. Portable projectors have a way to go to be useful by the looks of it.

  5. Low resolution, no 3.5mm headphone out, it doesn't run proper Android TV, so you're limited in resolution from say the Netflix app, doesn't have built in Google Cast… The Anker seems like a lemon.


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