Top Tech : 5 Xiaomi Gadgets That You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

We check out 5 Xiaomi products That are Unique :
1. Mi Ai Translator :
2. Xiaomi Gaming Headset :
3. ZMI Portable Hotspot Powerbank :
4. Automation Thermostat :
5. Mi Ai Speaker :
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  1. Is it safe to buy products from gearbest website ? I wanted to buy a Xiaomi Huwami Smart watch but since i have to pay upfront and plus there were many other things like buying insurance for that product so that incase if it misplaced or lost during transit and custom duty may or may not apply etc. I got skeptical about it and didn't order.

  2. we in India do not use automatic temperature control, but in western countries like US thermostat is a must every home. Companies like Honeywell sells WiFi thermostat like this (similar functionality but better looking) for upwards of $200 usd, and xiaomi here is selling it at $22.


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