The session is called What’s New in Android TV. Every year Google holds this session to explain what’s new to expect in latest Android TV .

The android TV ecosystem has grown immensely since last year. Google has now more than 100 partners working with Android TV devices. A bunch of new partners in very different Smart TV price categories launching Android TV devices. It’s not only about hardware,its also about software.

That’s why the TV app ecosystem is growing significantly as well. In 2014, when the Android TV first started, we had only 25 supported Apps in the play store. Now, the number has grown significantly to more than 4000.

Google also launched Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) on Android TV.  This feature is already available in Mobile play store where we use the phone’s SIM carrier to buy games and in-app purchases in the play store. This feature has now been added to Android TV ecosystem.




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