Why artificial intelligence has no common sense

We are surrounded by artificial intelligence. From the Google Home and Amazon Echo, to Facebook’s facial recognition and whatever it is Huawei’s doing. It’s easy to become desensitized to the term and misunderstand the current state of AI we live in. Verge video director Becca Farsace talks to some experts in the field of AI to better pinpoint what all this AI really means. Subscribe: http://goo.gl/G5RXGs

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  1. hi there… A.I for me is a level that suits my everyday use… well I'm going to get a Google Pixel 2 XL very soon and what I like about A.I is like another web… except this version is personal to you, yet it will have the knowledge of everyone and everything if you want to venture there.
    A.I is like a friend you can always count on no matter what

  2. actually The last words about Siri and Alexa are not truth, there are much more AI devices and programs,wich are much more complex, and that fact makes me think, that this video is just a kind of advertisement and popularization of modern artificial intelligence ideas

  3. A.I today is just like schools, you feed kids information then ask them to perform a task(test &exam) without teaching them critical thinking. When you introduce common sense to A.I that’s when critical thinking kicks in and they decide…. you know! The world might be a better place without this demographic of people

  4. In the video, it was mentioned that we should look into specific applications for AI and see how to regulate those. I still think that we can benefit from a blanket regulation on AI. Such as creation of AI technologies should not lead to the direct endangering of people's lives… something like that. Or that AI should not be left to make a moral decision, etc.

  5. My problem with this video is that it never once considers the impact machine learning and AI will have on the least of us.

    Google's Duplex starts making salon and restaurant appointments today but tomorrow the system could be capable enough that it replaces every call center job globally.

    I believe it's incredibly disingenuous and disturbingly naive to only compare the rise of machines from the likes of "Terminator" or "I, Robot". That said if you want to compare the fall of mankind through the lens of entertainment a smarter comparison would be "The Handmaid's Tale" set in a dystopian future that conveys a slow but steady drip, drip of the fall of man rather than a single dooms day event that signals the dawn of the Schwarzenegger killing machine.

    Machine learning and AI are great until it hits home and then suddenly you have a different perspective. Chances are those that will suffer the most will be minimum-wage employees, the under-educated and as the trend goes, especially in the US, people of color and migrants.

    I know it's impossible to cover the multitude of potential future impact of AI in a 6-minute video but this simplification of the platform appears to encapsulate the dawn of AI as nothing to worry about since it won't create a T-800 next year. Yet somehow the fact that Google and Amazon are listening to every conversation, predicting and tracking our interests and have extensive libraries of data built on the means of exploiting our personal sensibilities for corporate gain is nothing to be concerned with.

    I close with this question: what series robot has Boston Dynamics reached? If they're on model/iteration 200 then we should all be extremely concerned.

  6. AI is still far from hunting humans but AI taking jobs of humans and rendering millions of people jobless is very real. In the coming years with advancement in technologies this is only going to get worse, which will not be any less than an apocalypse .

  7. Seriously, as a roboticist who deals with AI everyday i gotta say, media like The Verge has to STOP playing on the whole "evil AI" and that drama BS, AI can't do the stuff you see in hollywood and will never will, stop scaring people.


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