Why PETROL Price So HIGH in India | Truth Behind PETROL, DIESEL Prices | Excise Duty TAX Explained

Hey Guys,
In this video i’ll explain you why Petrol or Diesel prices are very high in INDIA, Whats the reason behind Price Hike & why government is unable to decrease PETROL & DIESEL prices.
How much TAX we pay in terms of Excise Duty & VAT to central government & state government on Petrol & Diesel in HINDI.
Whats the international cost of crude oil in market & whats the REAL cost of petrol/diesel in INDIA after Petroleum refining processes. Why Government not allowing GST (Good & Service Tax) on Petrol & Diesel ?

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Queries Solved:
1) How are fuel (petrol/diesel) prices decided in India ?
2) Total TAX on Petrol in INDIA
3) Reality of Petrol Price Hike in HINDI
4) Why is the government not cutting petrol and diesel prices ?
5) Untold Facts About Petrol Price in HINDI’
6) No Relief On Petrol Price Hike from Indian Government
7) GST – Goods & Services Tax on Petrol and Diesel ?

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  1. Jahan tak mujhe pata hai, UPA govt kuchh countries ka pmnt baki rakhatha. Jiska Interest bhi bahut tha. For example Iran ka. US sanction bajah se pmnt nehi huatha. Aur ek baat $ (Dollar) ki kimmat bhi hai. UPA time pe $, 62 to 63 tha ab 67 aspas hai. Ab ishi NDA govt ne bahut sari pmnt clear kardia hai. Even ₹ (INR) ko kumjor se bachane keliye Iran ko ₹ mein pmnt hua. Ab Aur kuchh baki bhi hai bataya jata hai. Baki kuchh politics bhi hai. Lagta hai General Election se pehle kuchh kum hojayega.


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