Xiaomi Phones Are Competing With Xiaomi Phones! But Why?

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We all Xiaomi’s budget smartphones but of late, the Chinese giant has launched a number of new budget smartphones. There’s been the Redmi Y2, Redmi Y1, Redmi Y1 Lite, Redmi Note 5, Redmi 5 and a lot more. Plus, Xiaomi has launched the Redmi 6 and Redmi 6A in China, which should come to India soon. With so many Xiaomi smartphones in the same price range, all of these phones are now competing with each other, which is very confusing.

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  1. Xiaomi is crap. I'm a redmi note 5 pro user. There's a lot of bugs in the new update. And there are a lot of ping issues while playing online games like ML. And it's common with all Redmi note 5 pro(my friend has the same phone and he too has the problem). No promised Oreo update yet. The fact that Xiaomi hasn't keepen up with it's promises makes it untrustworthy company. I've seen a lot of threads realting to these bugs especially after the recent update launched (not Oreo), but no big reviewers haven't made a video about it. Why?

  2. Congratulations for 1million subscribers. Love you.
    Now I'm coming to the point. Xiaomi have made lot of reputation for itself. But now, it wasn't to grab the whole market. They're introducing new smartphones in the same price segment, with different specifications. Not with chipset but with camera , battery and RAM. So that consumers who know Xiaomi makes good budget smartphone, will not run to other company for the lack of their needs.
    However, yeah it's short of messy for the list of smartphones on same brand. But nowadays everyone need their smartphones as like they made it by their own with choosing their own needful components.
    I hope you'll get my opinion.
    Best wishes

  3. Your video makes sense. Mi is bringing same bad design phones with similar h/w. They may be thinking that they've more number of devices in budget range. But many Mi users are migrating to honour n other brands to get rid of bulky design.

  4. I think Xiaomi should launch another android one phone with good quality camera since it has discontinued the sales of the MiA1 and on Amazon it is overpriced.

  5. Seems like xiaomi releases one then suddenly realizes that it's missing something so they release a new one on another name to make up the slack. They should pay more time to design and development then release a one well rounded phone in every price segment.


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